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Marlon Vickerman

So, if I’m faithful over few things and never fail

Then I’ll rule over many- bright eyed and bushy tailed?

It sounds easy but it’s a taxing deed

My soul wants to do right- but my body won’t heed

Watching my steps cuz Life’s garden is full of thorns and weeds

So It’s real easy for people to go and lose their mustard seeds

and then… it’s kinda hard trying to find it back

Cuz we start hating what we got and loving what we lack

And there’s nothing wrong being ambitious

But we chase a lot glitter knowing that they’re fictitious

Anyway it’s alright- those weren’t wasted tears

You don’t always get your Canaan without your 40 years

But one day when the stage is set right

We go all catch our fireflies - in the daylight


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